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Jan. 2nd, 2009

11:55 am - MEET THE NEW YEAR 1/2/09

same as the old year? I hope not.
This is the year that I will get unstuck.

2008 already seems far away, a distant memory. Like a receding shoreline pounded by the waves or a receding hairline.

2008 was the year that the brilliant VESID personnel demanded a return-to-work order after a routine vertigo "attack." Again, I ask, WHAT WORK? Since I don't wish to beat that particular dead horse anymore, I shall leave that one dangling.

2008 was also the year that my dad moved three times. He moved from his home with his almost ex-wife #3 to a pullman apartment to our home in the middle of nowhere and then back to his home with his almost ex-wife #3.

I learned a lot of things when my dad was living here for a couple months. Some of those
things I didn't wish to learn and some I did.

My dad succeeded where no one else had since my accident-- I learned how to maintain a
simple house-cleaning schedule. Now I wish I could have had him visit after my accident.
Earlier after my accident rather. At any rate, the house is slowly rising from the plague of
the dust bunnies.

The other things I learned are more of a private nature and thus I will not record them here.

2008 was the year that I discovered Second Life (tm to Linden Labs). Second Life is total eye candy to someone like me who loves visual effects and animations. Over there I've been learning a bit of simple scripting and some 3D building. That is the part that makes Second Life different from blogging.

My goals for 2009:
to remain abstinent as defined in the program of Narcotics Anonymous.
to complete my book and submit it.
to remain married and faithful.
to increase our financial stability as a couple and mine as me.
to continue to monitor my health proactively.
to blog on any of the blogger blogs twice a week and on the journal blogs once a week.
to address the things that I allow to keep me stuck.

I hope for everyone a well new year. And if not a well one, then at least a weller one.

sapphoq healing tbi

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Sep. 30th, 2008

01:12 pm - Two Brain-Damaged People

interesting times... )

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Aug. 25th, 2008

11:45 pm - Meme

three things... )

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11:37 pm - Link

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Aug. 24th, 2008

01:14 am - Rigging for Failure

a bad word... )

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Aug. 18th, 2008

04:34 pm - Monday Meme

I ... )

You Are a Peace Sign

Your life philosophy can be summed up as, "Take it easy."

Your greatest wish is to have a world with less conflict and suffering.

In your everyday life, you are empathetic and caring.

You do your best to keep the peace, even when other people aren't cooperating.

What Hand Gesture Are You?

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Aug. 13th, 2008

01:14 pm - Spike's Wishes

here ya go... )

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Aug. 5th, 2008

08:15 pm - Dear Asswipe

I hate V.E.S.I.D. )

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05:29 pm - Two Memes for Tuesday

snitched from [info]tigresslilly

it's short... )

and now for a supermeme, also snitched from tigresslilly

it's long... )

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Jul. 28th, 2008

02:34 pm - Link

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Jul. 24th, 2008

03:54 am - t.b.i., trolls, threats

under here...a few bad words matey... )

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Jul. 17th, 2008

09:13 pm - Interests Suggestions

lifted from some friend here but I forgot who.

Based on the lj interests lists of those who share my more unusual interests, the interests suggestion meme thinks I might be interested in
1. sexy women score: 1  <---YES
2. nebris score: 1   <---- The illustrious nebris is my friend.
3. making babies score: 1  <--- hell no.  It didn't happen.  And it wasn't for lack of trying. 
4. celt score: 1  <--- huh?
5. veteran score: 1  <--- I have veteran friends. 
6. pink clouds at dawn score: 1  <---- okay, if I am awake.
7. entities score: 1  <--- huh?
8. elementals score: 1  <--- not something I would list as an interest.
9. domme score: 1  <--- I support b.d.s.m.; but I am no domme.
10. patriarchy score: 1 <--- down with the patriarchy.
11. veterans score: 1  <--- okay.
12. fat acceptance score: 1   <--- whatever.
13. channeling score: 1   <--- No. 
14. staffs score: 1  <--- walking sticks maybe.
15. polysexuality score: 1  <--- I believe two or more adults can do as they wish; but my mate cannot.
16. greatestjournal score: 1  <--- Greatest Journal is dead.
17. native american spirituality score: 1 <-- I go to pow-wow locally but not otherwise.  Not interested in usurping.
18. the old transdimensionals score: 1 <--- wtf? does that mean?
19. the collar score: 1  <--- I support b.d.s.m.; but I am no sub.
20. warrior score: 1  <--- whatever.

Type your username here to find out what interests it suggests for you.
Popularity Ceiling: (Please be patient!)

changed by [info]ouwiyaru based on code by ixwin over at El Jay.[info]ixwin
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07:53 pm - States I visited

stolen from [info]agent_alpo 

visited 32 states (64%)

Create your own visited map of The United States or determine the next president

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Jul. 13th, 2008

06:49 am - Wafergate catified by Owlmirror

Below is an excellent rendition of Wafergate which has been LOLCatified by the Illustrious Owlmirror.
(sapphoq reviews says: full of win!)

not for the easily offended... )

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01:41 am - Howling over Hosts 7/13/08

Crackers over Crackers 7/13/08

skip if you are upset over host hostaging in Florida... )

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Jul. 11th, 2008

11:18 pm - Google Search Meme 7/11/08

snagged from [info]merlinwon:

directions... )

and my results

look like this... )


cuz I couldn't leave it alone... )

that is the name of the result: Revised... )

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Jun. 23rd, 2008

07:21 pm - Firsts: Friday Fiver on Monday

1. First time you told someone you were in love with them?

Seventh grade though I should have saved my breath and not bothered.  Her mother told her "some girls go through a phase."  Arrrrgh.

2. First time you threw up from too much alcohol?

Eleventh grade in the springtime.

3. First time you took your drivers test?

Grade Twelve.  I failed the first time.  Dad took me the second time and I did very well.

4. First time you saw snow/the ocean (whichever is more exotic)?

I have never not known snow or the ocean.

5. First thought when I say "tasty undies"?

Edible underwear.


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Jun. 20th, 2008

08:15 pm - This is your average blog post

Friday.  Today is Friday.  Friday it is.  It is Friday today.
Friday is the day that mate and I go to the bookstore.
I got a Richard Dawkins book (passing nod to all those who hate him for being uppity, crass, and an atheist) which talks about evolution.  I am studying my ancestors.

To those who don't know, I am technically an atheist along with being a witch, bisexual, woman, newly Discordian (yes dearheart, you do have to eat a hotdog without its' bun in a park on a Friday)-- Hail Eris, and an evolutionist.  Oh yes; and hater of VESID (VESID sucks)-- I did promise an obsession free entry today didn't I, lover of my mate, the internet sleezy as it is at times, my dog and cats and frogs and trees and woods, defender of separation of church and state, supporter of civil rights for all civils.
So shoot me.

In the news: an autistic girl in Canada.  Seems the educational aide went to a psychic who asked her, "Are you working with a girl whose name starts with a V?" (yes).  "She is being sexually abused by a guy between the ages of 23 and 26."  The school did the only logical thing-- Children's Aid Society was called.  (Americans: think Child Abuse Hotline or D.S.S.).
Mom was then presented with a list of "behaviors" that could possibly constitute signs and symptoms of sexual abuse.  Mom protested.  Victoria is severely autistic.  The Children's Aid Society fortunately was not willing to put stock in a psychic's tip.  The report was taken and then quickly dismissed.  Mom has sought legal advice regarding the possibility of lawsuit.  Meanwhile, Victoria is not going to school.  Mom is not going to work.  The two are home together all day.

What stupidity!  The "for entertainment only" psychic prompted this whole thing.  And as almost always, it is the kids who suffer. Victoria was in a self-contained classroom with five other kids.  She is non-verbal, entering puberty, lacks inhibitions.  The principal interpreted licking a table and gyrating against staff bodies as being indicative of sexual abuse.  Some people don't have the sense they were born with.

The psychic shold be prosecuted as being fraudalent, the teacher's aide should be fired, and Victoria should be going to school somewhere.

For dinner tonight-- pizza from a restaurant.  Hooray.  It was delicious.  On the teevee, court teevee as usual.  This morning-- dog and I walked our two miles.  Mate has been ordered to walk two miles a day by his heart doc.  Since he hasn't been or he is slowly working up to it (we will see) I've decided to do it for him.  Perhaps he will have some benefits via osmosis.

I visited buddies on multiply tonight.  The journals: live, commie, and insane-- will be done tomorrow.  The miscellaneous ones: myspace, 360, paganspace-- Sunday.

I'm still doing second life stuff.

if for some strange reason you feel compelled to join up.  Don't bother getting the paid account.  Leave me your secondlife name in your comments and I will contact you to give you the url to my secondlife home where you can stay for free.

I am learning 3D building and scripting there.  Not to put too fine a spin on things, my buildings all resemble something that someone with brain damage would create.  (Well, I do have brain damage. It's called "traumatic brain injury" in polite society.).

Tomorrow is run through the house wildly picking up crap and sticking it somewhere out of sight day.  My dad wants to come up on Sunday if it isn't raining.

There.  A semi-average post.


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Jun. 13th, 2008

09:51 pm - Public MisEducation, Alex Barton, and Asperger's

Blog EntryAlex Barton, Asperger's and the MisEducation of the PublicJun 13, '08 9:48 PM
for everyone

The family of Alex Barton, the little Aspergian misbehaving five year old kindergardener, has decided to sue the school district for his treatment by teacher Wendy Portillo. It is reported that although he enjoyed talking on television, Alex is still evidencing signs of trauma. An attorney from the Liberty Legal Institute's Dallas branch office states that the suit is not without merit. Public opinion as expressed at the end of another article-- published by the T.C. Palm on June 7, 2008 range from "Oh noes Alex will have to goto court and that sucks," to "Give 'em a buck and be done with it," to "Yup, there is a case there." The blog Thinking in Metaphors over at
is the place to go for a better understanding of the legal issues involved.

Autism, along with many other disabilities, continue to be misunderstood by the general public. Now I know that the general public does not have to understand every disability. But kids in a regular classroom should have the benefit of some accurate information. The real bother of the whole thing is that while "inclusive education" is the current buzzword, kids in general are not given any explanations about the conditions and disorders that may be effecting a few of their classmates. Thus a good friend of mine was left recently to explain Tourette's to his nine year old son. Nine year old was accused of not demonstrating an, uh, inclusive attitude because he had yelled "shut up" when a classmate kept cursing in the classroom one day. Apparently some regulation or concern about private medical information prevented the teacher from offering any useful information. The same reg or concern prompted the teacher to claim (erroneously in my estimation) that my friend did not have a right to explain Tourette's to his son either. Talk about insanity. If kids cannot talk about their differences, how are they ever going to come to an understanding of those differences? In my estimation, "Don't ask, don't tell" does not work when it comes to building community.

Now we have a teacher who decided to have a bunch of five year olds tell another five year old what they don't like about him or his behavior. Uncool for any child to have to go through. That teacher needs to find a different line of work. And in light of the lawsuit, the Florida school system would do well to inservice all of its' teachers on autistic spectrum disorder. Autism is indeed a broad spectrum of disorders. The three that illustrate a wide range of intellectual prowess and behavioral manifestations are classic (Kanner's) autism, Asperger's, and pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified (P.D.D.-nos). [There are two other disorders included in the spectrum which probably should be moved to a different category.] Having been forced to sit through a few "sensitivity training sessions" myself, my own prejudice is that they don't do much. I still hold that the information should be offered to teachers as well as to the students and their parents. It is at least a beginning. Furthermore, any teacher who works in an inclusive classroom ought to be dually certified-- in special education as well as in elementary or secondary education (or whatever their primary field is).

The general assumption that "all people with autism" are screaming self-stimming innocents and perpetual children is one that I personally am a bit tired of dealing with. Just last night on secondlife dot com, my avatar tried to explain to someone who was annoyed with my adopted cousin's verbal behavior that yes indeed Aspergians can be verbally obnoxious just like anybody else. The avatar to whom this short explanation was directed had protested, "He doesn't have autism! Autistics don't provoke people." Interesting how any of us can suddenly know more than the neuropsych people who have spent years in testing and observation and diagnosing of a variety of disorders and conditions.

Autism in all of its' manifestations is not something that needs curing as the Autism Squeaks parents would have us believe. Nor is it something that should be celebrated in all of its' aspects. If the Aspergian bank teller wishes to keep his job, he needs to attend to matters of personal hygiene just like the rest of us. An autistic adult who is not able to communicate her basic needs or desires certainly has a tough life journey that not many of us would envy or want to emulate. Similar things could be said of any disabling condition or disorder. There was a time when I thought that traumatic brain injury was the worst thing that could happen to me. Then it did happen through the actions of a driver who really should not have gotten stoned before getting behind the wheel of his automobile. Traumatic brain injury is not the worst thing. And autism is not truly the thing that needs curing. The worst thing is ignorance and it is ignorance that needs healing.

radical sapphoq


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May. 30th, 2008

10:49 pm - Face to Ass with the Past

Mate and I were at the registers at the bookstore tonight.  This in itself was unremarkable, considering that both of us are obsessed with bookstores and that our combined obsessions require our presence at some bookstore or other at least once a week-- even on vacations.  I am not on vacation.  I just haven't worked in over four years due to the car accident I'd had while on a lunch break at Running Sores, my last odious human servitude employer.

I walked past her backside.  She was at the register closest to the exit.  I sighed inwardly.  I had no desire to say hello to this particular witch daughter of Abraham, chronically unhappy woman boss of the bosses.  Her smoldering coal-colored eyes were concentrated on the associate as she was handed her own purchase in a crisp green package with gold words on it.  I noted her hair, still the color of the darkest charcoal but now with a sprinkling of a gray storm sky.  She held herself the same way as I remembered-- stiffly.  Her torso gave way to her chunky rear end a bit too soon as her spine suddenly ran out of space.  A certain indentation at the boundary of back and posterior was missing.  She didn't see me or was doing an excellent job of pretending not to see me.  I found that I did not want her to recognize me.  A rash of swear words sprang to my throat.  I held them back with the gravest of difficulty. 

Mate was dawdling.  I swept past both mate and my former adversary and sprang out the door to freedom.  I continued my deliberate breakaway to the dark burgundy mundaneness of mate's car.  As we drove away, I saw her getting into her own fiery steel machine.   I did not deign to  offer another glance.  After all, two can play that game of non-recognition.  Strangers.  We were strangers after all and perhaps always had been.

The memories came crashing back.  Boss of the Airhead boss, chronically unhappy woman with  short practical fingernails that belied her poisoned fangs and a way of being.  It was she, witch daughter of Abraham who didn't give two shits when my grandmother lay dieing in the sterile hospital room but who expected me to sympathize with her on the loss of a fat spoiled pet dog with which I had no natural or unnatural bond.  It was she who had insisted on those dreaded Monday morning meetings weekly.  Under the guise of concern about my performance as the house manager of a residence with three permanent staff out of a slotted twelve and thirty six on-calls filling out the difference, she harangued me over things like someone being two hours late on a Saturday.  That particular on-call knew she was supposed to be there at six.  That particular on-call sauntered in at eight, claiming that was when I had told her to be there.  Obviously, I was the one who had to held accountable.  There was no question about that.  The on-call woman could not lie, would not lie.  It was I who was responsible for all of it.  Never mind that in spite of the chaos of scheduling staff, my people got to go out into the community and got to go on vacations. 

I had just come from the hospital that morning.  I was at the hospital every morning, every evening after work and sometimes dropped in at night.  I had to make the end-of-life decisions for my beloved grandmother that my aunt turned out to be incapable of.  I fought with the doctor who wanted to give her a C-T scan for cancer of the lung-- what treatment did he reasonable expect to be able to offer a ninety two year old woman even if it came back positive?  I fought with a cousin who thought that a shot of B-12 would fix her right as rain.  I fought with the nurses about the necessity of the morphine pump and the futility of a feeding tube. 

My grandmother was screaming through the morphine that particular Monday morning about not wanting to live anymore with such physical pain.  I informed the boss of the boss that I didn't give a shit about the on-call woman being two hours late on a Saturday under my current circumstances.  I walked out.  Back at the house, she called me on the phone and sent me home for a week with pay.  I didn't want to not work that week.  She said it was her last inch of compassion and me going home would eliminate the necessity of her gossiping about me.  "I don't care if you talk about me," I told her bluntly after having screamed at her on the wireless phone in the parking lot of the residence about the fact that I didn't fucking care about staff being late on a Saturday with my gram in the hospital and all of that.  "You do anyways," I said.  "So what?"  She was angry.  I was angrier.  My day staffer-- one of three permanent staff-- hid in the medication room, saying nothing much at all to me as I hurled the phone back onto its stupid black receiver and left.

Returning to work the following week, my gram died on that Wednesday before Memorial Day weekend.  I left work, curtly informing the Airhead boss over the phone of the one hole in the schedule that Saturday and would she please take care of it.  She didn't.  The following Tuesday, the boss of the Airhead boss, chronically unhappy bitch harangued me about that hole in the schedule.  "I told the Airhead about it before I left.  I had to leave.  My grandmother had just died."  The chronically unhappy bitch witch daughter of Abraham raised her eyes slightly at the Airhead boss.  True to form, the Airhead boss did not admit her own lack of responsibility that day.  No surprises there. 

When the Airhead boss ran into me at a gas station several months after the accident, I deliberately turned my back on her and walked away.  "Don't turn away from me," she yelled after me.  Bloody hell, she had turned her back on me.  Which was worse I could not tell.  The pretend recognition by the Airhead boss or the cold iciness of the bitch boss of bosses.  I've had to decide not to care as I bit back the curses that waited for both of them.  It hurt too much-- this loss of my career coupled with the insulting demeanor of the professional helpers over at VESID sucks.

I was not blameless.  The two of them-- the witch boss of bosses chronically unhappy woman with her snooty way of being and the Airhead boss who was resentful because I would not go out drinking with her and the rest of her underlings my co-managers of group homes-- knew there was a problem but they were picking on me about the wrong problem.  I was burnt out.  I needed a change, a different job, a new start.  I resisted that knowledge.  I took out my hostility at Running Sores with the computer that suddenly appeared in the medication room one day.  I spent hours on that computer instead of balancing the residents' money ledger or attending inane meetings at their various day programs.  I'd send my day staffer to the meetings instead-- instinctively knowing that she would take over the reins of leadership for that house when I would be gone-- and I would kick back with a diet soda and the computer.  The techie who was responsible for the running of the computer network failed to install any safeguards against what staff might do with a house computer.  On that computer I learned things that I could not admit to anyone at Running Sores.  It was not the staff scheduling that I should have been in trouble for.  My real sin was left unnoticed.  When pangs of guilt hit me, I would go to the local office supply shop and purchase another ream of printer paper to replace the paper purchased by Running Sores that I was using at a furious rate to print out  my latest discoveries.

We had made an unholy triad during the last year of my employ at Running Sores.  The witch bitch boss of bosses and the Airhead boss and I could not see eye to eye about much of anything at all.  It was madness, this  intricate dance of ours.  It is madness still that in spite of everything, there are days when I want to go back to working at Running Sores.  This madness should not be a surprise.  Even the VESID sucks literature on-line admits that those of us with traumatic brain injuries may need a return visit to the last job as a way of excising the demons that insist that what we previously knew could still work, would still work.  The nice man who did my neuropsych testing wrote in his report that I may need to be reassigned at Running Sores and that VESID sucks should provide me a job coach.  VESID sucks would do no such thing.  It was the shrink who saw that I was incapable of returning to the madhouse of Running Sores, even without knowing of the details of my last year there.  I am glad that the shrink is familiar with the machinations of traumatic brain injury, that he could see what I could not see and cannot admit to even now.

"Doing more of what doesn't work doesn't work," is what I remind myself of ala Nathaniel Branden on an almost daily basis.  I cannot bring myself to be civil to the various bosses of Running Sores on chance meetings at a bookstore or a gas station.  I am flunking out of VESID sucks due partly to my own twisted hostile hotheadedness caused by  my traumatic brain injury.  I remain unemployed and unemployable.  As yet I cannot forgive the players at Running Sores for being human.  Can I forgive myself?

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