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Nov. 3rd, 2007

02:29 am - What's in your? Meme

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snagged from [info]rainbow_goddess

What's in your medicine cabinet?
Razors, nail files, nail scissors, toothpaste, floss strings, band-aids, deodorant, no medicine though.

What's in your wallet?

identification, stray coins.

What's in your daypack? [alt. backpack, purse, briefcase]
A book or two, glasses, pant legs [which zip off from the shorts], pens, paper.

What's in your glovebox?

Maps, napkins, maps, screwdriver, pens, paper, maps, glasses.

What's in your imagination?

Currently, the novel I am writing this month along with bunches of unmentionables, a winning lottery ticket number, and a future in which I will write a book that is good enough to get banned in 14 countries and challenged in 2.


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